Climb Estes Cone by Darin_Sanders


Completed Completed October 15, 2011


This is one of the training climbs to do a 14er that I want to do because, from what I've heard, it has an amazing view of Longs Peak. We climbed Lily Mountain today and you had to look over Estes Cone to see Longs Peak.

How I did it:

We arrived at 10 AM at the trailhead to insure we had adequate time to complete the hike and catch the most cloud free part of the day. Made sure we had plenty of food and water and downloaded a PDF map of the trail. And then we just hiked and enjoyed!

Resources, Products and Services that helped me:

Google searched a map of Longs Peak trails in Rocky Mountain National Park.



Climbed Estes Cone on October 15 with my wife. Great climb! This is by far the steepest climb we did this year and a great 14er training climb. The total hike was about 6.6 miles and the last half mile is quite steep. The great part about the climb is it is almost entirely below tree line with the exception of the last 100 yards.

It was very windy but because you were in the trees all the way it was not a factor until you got on the summit. And once on the summit the views were amazing. The views of Longs Peak, Meeker and Twin Sisters are fantastic and looking down on the Lily Lake valley is great.

This is definitely my favorite climb of the year! We will probably do it again next year in preparation for our first 14er!

Estes Cone from a clearing just past Eugenia Mine. The trees obscure the view along the trail at most times so this is one of the few good views on the trail.
The crossroads to Longs Peak or Estes Cone.
The views of Long's Peak along the way are amazing!
A picture of Sally and I at the summit!
My GPS reading at the top. Actual elevation is 11,006.
Some really cool trees along the trail which we were able to appreciate more coming down!
Sally and I on Lily Mountain with Estes Cone and Longs Peak in the background.