Get back into the professional world after many years. by ldg1970



I have overcome a major depression that took me out of the game for several years and it has taken me several more years to rebuild my life, my confidence, and to redefine success and happiness.  I'd like to use my degree, experience and talents to give more to the community.  Most likely in the non-profit sector.  My favorite thing is women and girl's empowerment.  



I have come to the conclusion that I need to quit my job and volunteer for the next 6 months while I search for a part-time job in my professional field.  I hope that I can have the courage to do so.  

I am doing one thing per day to move forward in my job/career switch or shall I say career return.  I am working two days a week so this allows me quite a bit of time to work on my other personal, household and family projects as well.  Which right now are equally important to getting back into the professional world.  I only want to go back half to 3/4 time so finding the right fit may be challenging.  I am open to volunteering to get my feet wet again.