Swear less by ldg1970


Completed Completed June 02, 2012


I need to use profanity less.  If I am going to go back into the professional world I need to tighten up my use of swear words on Facebook.  

Resources, Products and Services that helped me:

More self-acceptance of who I am!


cuss, sailor, swear

I am reassessing this goal because I am realizing that I don't really swear that much and I am not that inappropriate.  I am usually out with good friends having fun when I do swear and it is usually for emphasis while telling stories, jokes, anecdotes.  I am a passionate, fiery, funny person.  I don't really want to tame that.  I was worried about my public persona on facebook for re-entering the professional world.  But with my health the way it has been, it doesn't seem as though I will be re-entering anytime soon.  And I wasn't that inappropriate on facebook in the first place.  I am who I am and I like who I am.  I like my spirit.  So I consider this goal complete until it's time to reassess. 

I continue to do well with this on FaceBook especially.  

I have been doing much better with this.  I have made progress.  Not that I swore like a sailor but I for sure am passionate about political things!!

I am doing much better and biting my lip.  I am also sharing much less controversial/political stuff on Facebook.